Our founder owns 14 years experience in the field of fiber optical communications

Opelink Technology is a high-tech enterprise with a focus on the design and production of optical communication equipment and accessories. We are among the industry leaders here in China and we own that to our highly skilled and experienced production staff and engineers. We manufacture a complete selection of premium quality products including our optical splitters, optical WDM, optical cable, optical connector, etc.
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    1. Silicon Dioxide Lapping Film Roll polishing. The long lasting product is used to complete the product process and produce consistently superior surface finish. Cleaning: use plenty of DI water to clean the film between each use,
    1. Mini CWDM Module
    2. Mini CWDM ModuleOpelink mini CWDM module is a product made using thin film filter technology. It is designed to multiplex or de-multiplex 4 channel or 8 channel CWDM wavelength in the range of 1271 to 1611nm. Upgrade port is also available.
      Having the advantages of compact size, great reliability and low insertion loss ...
    1. Silicon Carbide Lapping Film The Silicon Carbide lapping film is designed to remove adhesive residue from fiber optic products
    1. PLC Splitter
    2. PLC SplitterOpelink PLC splitter is designed and built on planar waveguide technology. It is available in two types, that is, PLC 1×N splitter and PLC 2×N splitter. Features like compact size, high performance, economical price, low insertion loss and polarization dependent loss (PDL) have resulted in this PLC splitter becoming increasingly popular with customers worldwide.
    1. OADM ModuleOpelink OADM module is a critical element of an optical fiber network. The optical add-drop multiplexer can multiplex and route different channels of light into or out of a single mode fiber. The product is Telcordia GR-1221-CORE qualified and RoHS compliant, which translates to peace of mind for our customers.
    1. Fused Fiber WDMWith low insertion loss, high isolation, good directivity and wide passband, the fused fiber WDM is widely used in digital transmission systems, CATV systems and other optical networks. Global customers can feel secure in purchasing this product as it is Telcordia GR-1221-CORE qualified and RoHS compliant.
    1. Optical CirculatorOpelink optical circulator is a micro optical device made using lead-free technology. It includes 3 port optical circulator and 4 port optical circulator. Featuring compact structure, reliable quality, high isolation, low PDL and low insertion loss, the optical circulator is well received by customers all over the world.
    1. 10Gbps SFP+10G-ER The receiver section uses an integrated InGaAs detector preamplifier (IDP) mounted in an optical header and a limiting post-amplifier IC.

At Opelink, we spare no expense in ensuring the quality of our optical components. We accomplish this by employing skilled workers and utilizing advanced production technologies and equipment imported from America and Japan. We also implement a strict quality control management system to oversee every procedure from product design, raw material selection and manufacturing, to final delivery. Additionally, we produce our optical amplifiers, power meters and subsystems in accordance with applicable international standards, such as Telcordia, IEC, RoHS, GB/T, YD/T, and so on. All of our finished products are subjected to numerous tests to ensure only qualified optical device and optical test instrument reach our customers.

We at Opelink make every effort to reduce our costs, so we can pass those savings on to our customers in the form of lower prices. We provide our employees with frequent training to advance their skills and improve efficiency. In addition, the majority of components used in our optical amplifier and subsystem are fabricated at our plant, thus outsourcing costs are greatly reduced. Effective integration of enterprise resources also aids us in improving efficiency and reducing waste. We are located in Shenzhen city, where we have convenient access to nearby transportationfacilities, which also allows us to obtain resources economically. All these factors combine to enable us to offer high quality DWDM module, optical attenuator and optical fiber jumper at competitive prices.

In order to stay competitive in the market, we provide attentive customer service, in addition to high quality, economical optical components. We offer a one-year warranty on our products, during which substandard products are maintained or replaced free of charge. Operator training and parts services are also available. If you have any questions or service request, please don't hesitate to contact us. You will have a response from our service engineers within 24 hours.