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Polishing Film

    1. Diamond Lapping Film This Diamond lapping film is utilized for high precision coating method when dealing with fiber optic polishing operations. The diamond articles are evenly spread on a 3 mil PET packing.
    1. Silicon Dioxide Lapping Film Roll polishing. The long lasting product is used to complete the product process and produce consistently superior surface finish. Cleaning: use plenty of DI water to clean the film between each use,
    1. Silicon Carbide Lapping Film The Silicon Carbide lapping film is designed to remove adhesive residue from fiber optic products
Optical Device
    1. EDFA-BA Optical AmplifierEDFA-BA optical amplifier is a booster amplifier specially designed for single channel optical transmission system. It is installed behind the optical transmitter to increase the ...
    1. 100GHz DWDM ModuleOpelink 100GHz DWDM module is a multiplexer / demultiplexer module which is used to forward optical input signals with different wavelength into a single ...
    1. Optical SwitchOpelink 1×2, 2×2 optical switch is designed for switching of optical signals in optical transmission networks. It is commonly used in OXC, OLP, and COADM systems.
    1. Single Mode Broadband Fiber CouplerFeaturing low excess loss, wide operating bandwidth and great reliability, the single mode broadband fiber coupler is increasingly used in ...