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Optical Fiber Connector / Adaptors

    1. MPO Patch CordOPELINK’ s MPO patch cord is of high performance in IL&RL. Low loss (IL≤0.35dB) is available. Our products meets IEC Standard 61754-7& JIS C5982 and structured cabling per TIA-568-C.
    1. Optical Fiber Jumper, ConnectorOpelink optical fiber jumper is the optical fiber or cable with a connector installed on each end respectively to realize the jumping connection of light path for effective optical signal transmission. The connector is available in many types. For example, according to optical fiber mode ...
    1. Armoured Optical Fiber Jumper, ConnectorUnlike traditional jumper that is easily broken or destroyed, this optical fiber jumper is well protected by flexible stainless steel tube and wire fence which are made using patent technique. Additionally, the tube is covered with a flame resistant PVC coating for great moisture and fire resistance.
    1. Optical Fiber Adaptor / Optical Fiber ConverterOpelink optical fiber adaptor is designed to connect optical fiber connectors of the same type. For instance, it can be used to connect FC connector to FC connector, ST connector to ST connector, etc. Opelink optical fiber converter is designed to connect connectors of different types, such as FC and SC connectors.
Optical Device
    1. Thermal AWG DWDM ModuleOpelink thermal AWG DWDM module is manufactured using silicone planar technology. Compact, reliable and quality built, it is widely used in DWDM system, metro network and backbone network.
    1. 100GHz DWDM ModuleOpelink 100GHz DWDM module is a multiplexer / demultiplexer module which is used to forward optical input signals with different wavelength into a single ...
    1. Optical SwitchOpelink 1×2, 2×2 optical switch is designed for switching of optical signals in optical transmission networks. It is commonly used in OXC, OLP, and COADM systems.
    1. Single Mode Broadband Fiber CouplerFeaturing low excess loss, wide operating bandwidth and great reliability, the single mode broadband fiber coupler is increasingly used in optical test equipment, CATV networks, CATV systems, EDFA and DWDM systems, etc.