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About Opelink
About Us

Opelink Technology is a high-tech enterprise with a focus on the design and production of optical communication equipment and accessories. We are among the industry leaders here in China and we owe that to our highly skilled and experienced production staff and engineers. We manufacture a complete selection of premium quality products including our fiber optic cables, optical circulators and many other active optical components.

Every stage of production in our workshops is carefully controlled, from raw material selection to assembly, packaging and transport. We do this to guarantee quality and ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with their delivery.

We are an authorized distributor of Nanolap Technologies, and we have authorization to sell Nanolap products in China. In addition to our products sold in China, we also do business in France, the United States, Brazil, South Korea, Russia and many other countries.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our optical communications products and welcome you to come visit our facilities in Shenzhen to see how we do what we do and meet some of our team members!

Why Us

One of our company's philosophies is that quality is over everything when it comes to our products. We also believe in always providing superior service in addition to our optical communications products.
In order to maintain a high level of quality, we implement strict controls at each step of the production process all the way through packaging and transportation.

Raw Materials
We carefully select the materials that we use to process into our various lines of optical communications equipment. We refuse delivery on any products deemed unsuitable.

Our production facilities are operated in strict accordance with SOP to ensure that each production step is performed properly.

Testing Workshop
Samples are tested in every production phase at regular intervals.

Most products such as splitter, WDM, are packed in special pearl wool.

Each box is weather proof with a PE film covering.

Before sales:
We can provide consultation services in order to help you select the optical communication equipment that you require. We can then arrange for samples to be produced in order for you to test the products.

Production: Once an order is placed, we will make arrangements for production and provide a confirmation within 48 hours. Prior to shipment, photos and customs clearance documentation will be sent to the customer for final confirmation.

After sale: Once the products have been delivered, we have a service network in place to answer any of your questions and assist you with any problems you may be experiencing.
Remark: Our customer service team is pleased to resolve your problems or doubts from 9:00-24:00 (Beijing time)

Company Tour

Opelink employs a professional foreign trade team in which each member has more than 5 years of experience in the international trade of optical communication equipment.

Our patch cord assembly workshop is staffed by more than 70 highly experienced workers. We are capable of a monthly output of 700,000 pieces.
The DORC 3D interferometer is introduced in the United States for testing the physical parameters of optical connectors after polishing.

The fiber optic adapter parts assembly workshop is operated by more than 50 workers. Parts assembly and packaging tests are all performed in this workshop. The monthly output can reach 3 million fiber optic adapters.

We have 10 optical cable production lines covering an area of 2600 square meters. The extruder works automatically with only 2 operators required to run the whole production line. The monthly output is 50,000km of optical cable.

Optical Device
    1. Indoor FTTH Drop Cable The drop FTTH cables are with flame retardant jacket and with supporting wire, there are strengthen members inside the cables for supporting the whole cables, the whole cable meet ...
    1. Mini CWDM ModuleOpelink mini CWDM module is a product made using thin film filter technology. It is designed to multiplex or de-multiplex 4 channel or 8 channel CWDM wavelength ...
    1. 200GHz DWDM ModuleFeaturing reliable performance, high demux channel isolation and low insertion loss, Opelink 200GHz DWDM module is very popular in long haul DWDM ...
    1. PLC SplitterOpelink PLC splitter is designed and built on planar waveguide technology. It is available in two types, that is, PLC 1×N splitter and PLC 2×N splitter.